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Heroic Hearts UK and Psychedelic Insights are working together, to provide selected veterans, guided psilocybin experiences in the summer of 2023. Scientifically monitored by Imperial College London, questionnaires before and after sessions plus periodically. Veterans will receive a psychological and medical intake, preparation and “intention setting” calls.

At the retreat veterans will receive two psilocybin experiences. Integration coaching follows the months, post session. Individually and as a groups, reflexions, experiences, lessens, tips and support is given by the coaches and to each other.

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The period to realise sponsor funds (and donations) close August 1, 2023. Before that time, an accurate planning is done to assess the budget and how and how many veterans can receive the psilocybin truffle sessions and undergo the measurements for research by Imperial College London for Traumatic brain injury and other psychological scores, before, between and after sessions. The retreat is planned for October 2023.

We are trying to raise funds for the organisation and execution of the retreat.
Our retreats budget requirements: EUR 65,000 (EUR 3250 per veteran)

Sponsor opportunities:
EURO – 500 | Credits in the documentary
EURO 5000+ | Credits in the documentary and online (links)
EURO 10,000+ | Mention & Credits in the documentary and online (links)
EURO 25,000+ | Clip, Mention & Credits in the documentary and online (links)
EURO 50,000+ | Name the retreat, Clip, Mention & Credits in the documentary and online (links) & event t-shirts.


Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for healing for military and emergency services veterans that have been left hopeless by the current system. We seek to spread awareness in the veterans communities of powerful therapies, and end the excessive dependence on pharmaceuticals to treat mental traumas.

In January 2020 @HeroicHeartsProject organized a special event involving a small group of special operations veterans, professional NHL athletes, and civilians. They traveled to Peru in pursuit of healing and self-discovery, where they participated in traditional ayahuasca ceremonies. Although from very different walks of life, everyone in the group bonded and found community through this life-defining experience. These are their stories.

Film and production credit – Brandon Boulay and Chris Savage (http://www.brandonboulay.com/)
Special Thanks to Dr. Bronner’s for helping to fund the film (https://www.drbronner.com)


Psychedelic Insights provides the psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. We specialize in high dose and private psilocybin truffle experiences, veterans and therapists. Since 2016 we’ve served over 700 clients.

As CEO and as a marine royal marine corps veteran, this makes me proud. This is the documentary about our 2021 veteran research retreat; Which was screened at the inspector general of the Netherlands armed forces with the heads of the mental health and medical departments, head of personnel, army, navy and air force medical doctors, psychiatrists and social services. It was the first time in history, legal and EU food safety certified, psychedelic magic psilocybin truffles and plant medicines were discussed and veterans could share their experiences safely within the Defense department. Produced by Macula films.

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As a media sponsor, you can help us reach a wider audience and spread awareness about the potential benefits of psilocybin truffles for veterans and support research into Traumatic Brain Injury.

Is your audience sympathetic to A) the veteran and mental health cause or B) interested in psychedelic research? Support real change for veteran families. Free content and a great good karma cause. Talk to us!

We welcome media sponsors from all types of media outlets, including news websites, veteran or other bloggers, influencers, medical and mental health media, international and scientific news media.

Your media support and involvement in this project will help realise the funds needed for life-changing research and actual support to veterans because, then together, we reach the hearts and minds needed for this project.

In exchange for your support, we offer media packages and exclusive access to the documentary. We are also open to discussing additional perks and benefits that would be of interest to you and your audience.

This is something that everybody who is ready for it, should experience. It’s a life changing experience for who wants to find truth in themselves. No words can explain the experience, only by doing it you will find out…

JEOFFREY – Royal Netherlands Marine Corps

Luc his work is healing, connecting , inspiring, humorous, with a lot of love. I can advice everybody who is curious to understand themselves better. The only way out is within.

IWAN – Dutch Navy Seal
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Join the mission and help us measure success!

We are inviting technology partners to join our mission.

Measurements are important for accuracy, transparency and protocol fine-tuning. With more insights into current conditions, the experience, the post session situation and beyond, we aim to study, interpret and share the outcomes.

Don’t be afraid for the unknown. Open your mind, body and soul. This is life changing in a good conscious manner. With positive side affects beyond your imagination. Just do it.



100,000’s of clients have experienced psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands in recent years. Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for gnosis and spirituality. There is no scientific reason, for natural mushrooms and truffles to not be accessible because they are illegal. They have an EU food safety certification. So please help us give those who fought and suffered and paid their price, a voice. Help end their war. Let veterans share their experience. Become part of this movement.

Dear all, The retreat, professionally organised by Luc and his team, is by far the most important experience in my life. I didn’t had any experience with psychedelics or other things besides a cold beer. Therefore I was a bit hesitant.

The first trip I deeply went into myself. Ended in a conscious space of Oneness. Words can not describe what I saw and experienced.

DIRK – MARSOF Anti terror unit
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We are on a mission to help veterans, de-stigmatise plant medicines and share stories. We and have budgeted the organisation of the retreat, the staff and operations. Costs per participant at 20, range from EURO 2000 – 2500.

We have also budgeted a featured documentary about the retreat. With the retreat, participant interviews, the scientific results, including sponsor messages. We hope this will gain international press, to share our story and experiences. If your brand story resonates with our mission, we’d love to speak with you.