Luisa is a Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychologist and therapist. She completed two master degrees in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. She is currently working as Ph.D. candidate investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underpinning altered states of consciousness. In her research and personal life, she explores how meditation and psychedelic states expand human consciousness. She has participated in a variety of therapy training and coaching programs and is currently working at the National Institute of Mental Health in Prague. Here she is part of a psychiatry team developing relaxation techniques and mindfulness games in order to aid emotional responses and promote optimal psycho-physiological states during stressful or traumatic experiences. Luisa is a board member of the Psychedelic Society of Netherlands, which provides community outreach and education through lectures and events increasing awareness and risk reduction of psychedelics. In her role of facilitator, she applies authentic, experience-oriented guidance in order to create safe, judgement-free environments for the maximal growth and self-actualization of her clients.