Start micro dosing
to change how you feel

Micro-dosing psilocybin truffles can have dramatic positive outcomes to your mental and emotional health

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The anecdotal science of microdosing

What is microdosing good for?

Truffles nourish your brain, just like healthy food nourishes your body.
In order to grow well, your body needs nutrition and exercise – same with the brain.

Regular microdosing boosts the production of BDNF (“brain-derived neurotrophic factor“). In the brain, this protein has two tasks:

To create new synapses and protect existing ones.

In the body, psilocybin has been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
This can lower the overall pain levels and strengthens your immune system.

How can micro dosing psilocybin truffles help you?
and who should NOT microdose?

Depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, stress, insecurities or self worth issues can traditionally take many years to ease, change or cure.

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