Magic psilocybin truffle sessions

The Set & Setting

Welcome to our women only group sessions
Next: Sunday May 1, 10:00AM

A collaboration with Women on Psychedelics, women only…


Purple Flower with Leaves

Our first women-only in-person event in Amsterdam

Just as we clean our homes in preparation for the days to come, so should we spring clean our-selves to clear out what no longer serves us, in order to make space for the new. As the days lengthen, let us invoke the magick of spring. Let us gather in sisterhood to deepen our connection within, to our selves, to our divine feminine, and to Mother Earth. 

WOOP invites you to our very first sacred gathering 1st of May 2022. Join us for a very special women-only low dose truffle ceremony held just on the outskirts of Amsterdam inside a cosy yurt surrounded by lush green nature.

About the Event

This safe and sacred space will be prepared and held by three facilitators, including Jessika Lagarde and Tian Daphne, co-founders of WOOP. Tian Daphne will facilitate this experience by taking you on a luscious sonic journey to bring you deeper into the wilderness of your Self, reconnect with your voice, and allow yourself to bloom.  

  • Reconnect with your self
  • Recognize and release unwanted patterns
  • Rediscover child-like freedom of expression
  • Deepen compassion 
  • Practice self-love and acceptance

Dig deep. Sow the seeds for the change you want to see. Allow yourself to bloom into the best version of yourself.

The medicine provided is obtained from a truffles farm in the Netherlands.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Please bring a journal and pen for yourself, as well as comfortable clothing. You will have the option of staying inside the yurt or stepping outside to immerse yourself in nature.

Please note that this is a low dose ceremony. It will be a gentle experience. This is perfect for those who are curious about the medicine, first-timers or those who have had it in non-intentional settings.

~ Day Schedule ~

10:00 Welcome & registration

10:30 Meeting your Women on Psychedelics team

10:40 Introduction to the day’s activities, and intention setting

11:20 Truffles ceremony & guided experience with voice & sound healing

16:30 Closing circle

17:30 End of the day, pick-up, departure 

​First time offer of EUR250 per person.

We provide you an introduction (video) call. In this call, we also find out if this is the right path for you to take – if so, we will ask you to book an intention setting call, to further delve into the reasons you wish to be guided through a psychedelic experience. We need to get to know each other and, more importantly, feel safe together throughout this psychedelic adventure!

To experience a magic psilocybin truffle is something very special. It is a guided group session in a beautiful setting during a full moon weekend. With low dose truffles the magic can unfold and be felt. An absolute unique light psychedelic experience.

Join the women only group yurt sessions

Do you believe in magic?

Meet The Facilitators

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Jessika Lagarde

Psychedelic-assisted medicine guide, Women On Psychedelics’ co-founder, and freelance writer in the psychedelic space. Through her work, she hopes to connect women through creative, social, and political educational content and activities that work to create a positive change in the ways psychedelics are viewed/perceived by the general public. 

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Tian Daphne

Sound healer and facilitator, Women On Psychedelics’ co-founder. Serendipitous encounters brought her into the incredible world of fungi and plant medicines, initiating a journey of discovery, learning, and deep healing. 

Curious to join but have some questions?

Open the door of perception

To book an introduction call, schedule it here.

Are you interested in our therapeutic and guided one day private high dose sessions? Go here for more information or book a call. Happy to inform you and answer all your questions.


We cannot allow people to join when they have psychoses or psychoses in the bloodline, people who take SSRI’s anti depressants and those who have or had bi-polar or borderline personality disorders. Other medications can be checked by our medical staff.

*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any way or form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers fresh magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care and as a natural food supplement. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure or have any mental health history such as suicidal thoughts, psychoses in your blood line, borderline personality or bi-polar. We do NOT sell or supply the natural legal truffle. They are graciously donated by the largest quality cultivator in the world, Fresh Mushrooms. By using this website and our service you agree to our policies and terms and conditions.