Opening a Psychedelic Insights Clinic

The One-Stop-Shop to open your own Psychedelic Clinic

Join the international family of Psychedelic Insights Clinics.
Here you will find everything you will need to set up, promote, manage and operate a psychedelic assisted therapy clinic.
You’ll enjoy continuous personal coaching, staff training and psychological and medical and mental health support for your center.

We will do this together because we share the same mission:

Ethical, professional, science based, safe access to sacred natural psychedelic medicines to innovate personal transformation

You focus on clients and we take care of:

  • Marketing
  • Psychedelic Insights website
  • Intakes and screenings technology
  • Bookings and payment
  • Staff TRAINING & planning
  • Safe online transactions
  • Secure client data storage
  • Scientific protocols
  • Diagnostic client management system
  • Client communication tools
  • Continuous online integration therapy
  • Finance and accounting
  • Psychological and psychiatric support for clients
  • Operations and business support

Your own personal account manager for operational, technical and business support

A trusted turn key solution.
Do what you’re good at, keep it simple.

Join our tribe & connect like mycelium.

About Us

Our Beliefs

“Our team mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development. Empowering psychedelic professionals with a science-based and business approach, our vision is to scale up therapeutic innovation and personal transformation.”

Our own experience is based on setting up, promoting and operating several different psychedelic assisted therapy centers in The Netherlands, legally and with scientific protocols. Our business managers, psychologists, therapists and finance and accounting experts are here to support you and get you on board to operate successfully.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing obsolete.” ​Buckminster Fuller​
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What will you get?

Training and the tools

No bother spending time, energy and money building a website, marketing it, paying for booking tools, expensive advertising and everything that is needed to attract and keep clients safe and served. Here you get it all.

We will have you up and running in no time with your own personal account manager to support or explain everything: marketing, technology, procedures or to connect you to our psychiatrists or psychologists to support any client cases.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and prevent all the inevitable mistakes. Just sign up and become a family member with personal support and proven technology.

Intake and screenings

The first contact for everyone is a video call with the client and your organisations’ representative. This is very exiting and important. You want it to go well. Any and all questions can get answered here and you can explain the processes involved. We’ll train you and everything already works to support your business..

Screenings occur when medications are involved or medical or mental health history demand a professional opinion. Desperate client can omit important details that endangers everyone involved. Get the training and tools to keep your center free from incidents.

Get all the tools and technology provided for optimised client and also safety for your center. Better safe then sorry was never more important!

Diagnostics & results

You own center’s medical and mental health screening service by psychiatrists, medical doctors and psychiatric pharmacists are there to keep patients’ medication and mental health conditions as safe as possible for psychedelic assisted therapy.

Clients can get of their medications under professional medical guidance to be able to receive therapy at your center.

Scientific analysis and tracking of all client intakes, screenings, data and results for protocol optimisation, AI interpretations and anonymised sharing among centers for collective learning and protocol improvements.

Join the Psychedelic Insights family

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, our passion is to provide responsible science driven accessibility of psychedelic therapy solutions.
Start today and make your dream come true and help us start this revolution.
Join our tribe of psychedelic healers and change the world!

Trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, self worth issues, addiction and many other mental health issues are normally very hard to treat with traditional therapies, let alone in a day or in any life changing way

Let’s live up to the high expectations, keep incidents minimised where preventable and join our international network of healers and professional therapists to help us heal the world, change the world, one soul at a time.

Premium service options

Per booking
  • Operations Training
  • Website
  • Bookings
  • Payments
    Marketing consultancy
  • Operational support
    Protocols & Diagnostics
    5 free Medical & mental health screenings
    per month (extra $250 per client)
    2 Integration therapy sessions per client
    Free workshops (various topics)
    Personal account manager
    Psychological & psychiatric support
Per booking
  • Operations Training
  • Website
  • Bookings
  • Payments
    Marketing consultancy
  • Operational support
  • Protocols & Diagnostics
  • Unlimited free Medical & mental health screenings
    2 Integration therapy sessions per client
    Free workshops (various topics)
  • Personal account manager
    Psychological & psychiatric support
  • Finance and accounting support


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For Investors, the context

Mission statement:
Intelligent psychedelic health
centre management.

The Problem

Psychedelic assisted psychotherapists want to help clients without being bogged down with technology, legal, and business requirements of their clinical centres.

The Challenge

People running a clinic need to be focused on people. They need a website to reach them, and they need to reach people.
This business is filled with legal hurdles to jump and every centre should be able to learn collectively to solve the legal, diagnostic and business and marketing problems.

Connecting tribes

Over the last decade, around a hundred psychedelic societies and communities have popped up like mushrooms all around the world! These tribes often play an important role in leading the way for safe use, ethics and education. The Psychedelic Insights scientists founded the Netherlands Psychedelic Society and Psychedelic Insights’ Luc van Poelje is a founding member of the Dutch Guild of Guides.

Safe guarding responsible use

Safe use, education, training, coaching and access to psychological services and psychiatric support for “clients or patients” are as important as professional medical and mental health screenings to support the legalisation movement and ensure enduring incident free roll out of the responsible use of these medicines.

Global Mental Health Statistics

Building the solution

A one-stop shop solution to manage marketing, sales, planning and patient data processing and analysis, with a special eye toward the needs of psychedelic health

Ease to market

Psychedelic Centers can get their website up and running using a content management system
and templates that make it trivial to get online.

Suit of tools

Psychedelic centres have special needs beyond what an e-commerce hosting provider gives, and we understand those
needs. CRM, online billing, SEO management, and others are baked in.

Global Accessibility

By providing a directory for psychedelic centers around the world, we can help people everywhere to
find the right centre, with
the right guides and services for their needs.

Join us in building the online service that safeguards the responsible, educated and supported operations of psychedelic clinics. Let therapists focus solely on clients so the framework for clinical center operations are professionally serviced.

A online software and support service sourcing the best solutions available to support new centers in new legal environments. We lead by example and 15 year plus experience in online software development.

What we seek is seeking us?

We seek visionary investors and solid partners to enable the way forward.

A partner to fund the development of the technology that will keep psychedelic centers operate smoothly, keep clients safe and share data across all the centers and its platform for AI learning and anonymised result data.

How do we operate?

We start small, test it, phase it, roll it out. We have our staff of psychologists for online support and the phone. We built out our turn key dummy proof psychedelic center solution.

What do we need?

We require funding of our operations, IT and project management of €750k.

We plan to be operational in beta in 12 months and gain users and continue building out tools, supporting staff and connecting existing services as we go.

The business model is based on an boarding fee (a postponed payment plan) and a per client booking commission. As a SaaS service we create the market, promote it online and get existing or new clinics set up, on the fly.

Who is the concept owner and project director?


Luc is the founder of Psychedelic Insights.

He is the lead psychedelic guide, working with psilocybin truffles.
Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Insights provides legal, safe, psychologically guided psychedelic experiences, to individuals, groups, and professionals, with magic psilocybin truffles for personal development.

General background
He is a passionate plant medicine advocate, an entrepreneur, ocean sailor, mountaineer, and rain forest explorer. Above all, he is a dad to his daughter Sam (14). His life (choices) changed after life transforming psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc ran a mental health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and lifestyle coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health.

Psychedelic background
Luc was working as a guide in 2017. This grew to what Psychedelic Insights is today. In 2019 he founded Psychedelic Insights to officially serve clients in an optimized set and setting. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. With over 250 clients among quite a few veterans Luc has first hand experience of how natural psilocybin truffles work and how clients respond to it. Psychedelic Insights’ mission is to provide safe, guided and responsible access to mind expanding compounds for personal transformation.

His personal experience ranges from psilocybin mushrooms and truffles, MDMA, LSD, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius (5meo-DMT) which serves as a basis for his work, connecting to clients’ experiences and altered states of consciousness, keeping them calm and understood. Additionally we train staff, psychologists, neurologists and other professionals.

Business background
Luc van Poelje spent well over 15 years managing cutting-edge internet technology businesses from publishing technology companies like Sanoma, Elsevier Science, to developing a cutting edge gaming platform (with Patrick de Zeeuw from Startup Boot-Camp), Genealogical science portals to financial high tech event companies like Ticket Script (Eventbrite) and Paylogic (ID&T). He was an internet consultant, entrepreneur, projectmanager and international marketing manager running project teams of 30+ across different tech & R&D companies (TNO) on multi million euro projects in very competitive fast paced international corporate environments. His visions paved the way for innovations and new technical and business concepts.

Military background
He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, with arctic, jungle and mountain warfare and survival training and did the French commando training in Martinique. He served in Iraq in ‘91. Luc served a total of 4 years.

He is also responsible for:
– Private and group sessions:
– Therapist training:
– Psychedelic assisted Leadership coaching:
– Psychedelic Palliative Care:
– Re-connecting Veterans:
(working with many other organisations – check it out!)
– Medical & mental health screening:

Contact Luc at His LinkedIn profile.