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Reconscious Medical Group consults Psychedelic Insights psilocybin sessions

Psychedelic Insights is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.

Psychedelic Insights brings together an interdisciplinary team of authentic and experienced psychologists, therapists, scientists and psychiatrists, who offer mental health and medical screening, psychological guidance before, during and after your psychedelic psilocybin assisted experience. Pre and post experience counseling is included and provided for personal development, in order for the experience to be fully integrated and beneficial.

Reconscious Medical enhances patient and practitioner access to evidence-based psychedelic therapies by integrating user friendly technologies for in-clinic and telemedicine experiences.

Modern psychiatry focuses on pharmacological “cures” versus a wellness model that focuses on the patient’s personal responsibility for his or her healthcare. We know there is a better way. By harnessing the power of the natural world in conjunction with evidence-based research protocols and holistic psychiatric treatment modalities, we truly believe that we can bring humanity to a healthier and happier place. Our guiding principles for the future of legal psychedelic assisted psychotherapy relies on the stewardship of safety, compliance, and efficacy. 
Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy allows you to expand and deepen your healing potential through lowering your defences to more safely access difficult emotions compared to traditional talk therapy.

Clients deserve the best experience. That’s why Reconscious Medical meticulously selects each of its telehealth and in-person practitioners who are approachable, empathetic and professional psychiatrists, therapists, and healthcare professionals.

Red Light Holland Announces Intention to Acquire Controlling Interest in Psychedelic Insights Providing Psychological Guidance of Psychedelic Experiences with Truffles in the Netherlands

Newsfile Corp.December 9, 2020·6 min read

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – December 9, 2020) – Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC: TRUFF) (“Red Light Holland“) is pleased to announce it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire 51% of Psychedelic Insights in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Psychedelic Insights currently provides psychedelic assistance to clients from all over the world, who are in need and wanting to try a safe and psychological guided experience. Psychedelic Insights’ dedicated and compassionate facilitators, including a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and scientists, provide psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences in many different categories including: (i) individuals or small groups (ii) psychedelic palliative care (iii) Re-connecting Veterans and (iv) provides global mental health screening. Psychedelic Insights portfolio also includes unique therapist training and psychedelic assisted leadership coaching.

As part of the expected 51% acquisition, a condition in the agreement will include: an exclusive supply agreement with Red Light Holland’s Truffles, grown from Red Light Holland’s facility in Horst, Netherlands with the intention to be used solely by Psychedelic Insights’ clients.

“I find it so interesting that behind the scenes we’ve been working on this deal for months in the Netherlands, and we just happened to agree to it on the same day Canada granted 17 healthcare professionals to possess and use psilocybin for professional training in psilocybin therapy,” said CEO Todd Shapiro. “Luc Van Poelje, CEO of Psychedelic Insights and his team have a very professional and compassionate business and we are looking forward to potentially helping it grow, because of the capital Red Light Holland can provide. There is a careful due diligence process, but we are very excited at this potential to create another alternative revenue stream as we stay true to our mission of helping people gain access to psilocybin via our Red Light Holland Truffles, responsibly.”

“Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and scientists at Psychedelic Insights are all excited to potentially be partnering with Red Light Holland so we can continue to grow our psychedelic assisted service to clients from all over the world, who are in need and wanting to try a safe and psychologically guided experience. Our dedicated and compassionate facilitators are also pleased to potentially use Red Light Holland’s Truffles, exclusively and are pleased at this intention to grow our business so ultimately we can hopefully help more people in need,” added Luc Van Poelje, CEO Psychedelic Insights.

Recently, Red Light Holland announced a non-binding letter of intent with Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo“) for the purposes of creating a joint venture to become a licensed psilocybin manufacturer to supply psilocybin products to licensed service centers in the State of Oregon, and to explore other potential business opportunities in this new regulated market, subject to compliance with all applicable Oregon laws and regulations. The planned acquisition of a majority interest in Psychedelic Insights in The Netherlands keeps in line with the aforementioned theme and future plans of Red Light Holland’s potentially being involved (in multiple countries) in legal psilocybin-assisted initiatives.

In Canada on December 8th, 2020, 17 healthcare professionals were approved by the Canadian Federal Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, to possess and use psilocybin for professional training in psilocybin therapy. The approved healthcare professionals include psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical counselors, social workers, general practitioners, and nurses. More…

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Meet The Innovative Psychedelics Incubator By Tabula Rasa Ventures

by Javier Hasse June 2, 2020 3:39 pm

Meet The Innovative Psychedelics Incubator By Tabula Rasa Ventures

Venture capital firm Tabula Rasa Ventures launched a psychedelics business incubator.

Psychedelic Builders, a three-month program, has taken on seven participants — three in the exploratory phase — along with four startups.

The goals of the incubator are to take psychedelic and psychedelic-adjacent startups and provide executive mentorship, increase diversity and inclusion within the psychedelic industry, and develop infrastructure for these entrepreneurs who won’t have access to traditional capital, the company explained.

“This industry is still in its infancy, and Tabula Rasa Ventures’s mission is to provide impact-driven value, so we see this as a perfect opportunity to do that – through the next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Tabula Rasa Ventures Founder Marik Hazan.  

Some of the startups include companies like Psychedelic Insights, a business that provides private, single-day psychedelic sessions with psychological guidance for safe psychedelic experiences in Amsterdam; and Speak AI, a speech analysis software company that extracts insights like personality, tone, and clarity from audio, video, and text.

The firm is currently taking applications for its Fall 2020 program at

Roadman Investments signs joint venture agreement with Psychedelic Insights

Roadman Investments signs joint venture agreement with Psychedelic Insights
  • Roadman Investments (TSXV:LITT) has signed a definitive joint venture agreement with Netherlands-based Psychedelic Insights
  • The agreement pertains to the opening of a legal psychedelic treatment centre in California, pending legalisation and medical approval
  • Roadman will contribute roughly C$710,000 to finance the centre, while Psychedelic Insights will provide a business plan and expertise
  • Roadman Investments (LITT) is currently steady at 4.5 cents, with a market cap of $5.11 million

Roadman Investments (TSXV:LITT) has signed a definitive joint venture agreement with Netherlands-based Psychedelic Insights.

The agreement relates to the opening of a legal psychedelic treatment centre in California, following legalisation and medical approval.

With an existing centre in Amsterdam, Psychedelic Insights is one of the only companies in the world to offer guided psychedelic experiences with magic psilocybin truffles.

The company employs a range of specialists who aim to treat a variety of psychological conditions. Psychedelic Insights also has the necessary administrative and operational requirements in place to facilitate an expansion. More….


Wat doe je als een militair in Irak en Afghanistan een hevig trauma niet goed kan verwerken? Zelfs niet na jaren van therapie en praten met psychologen? Juist, dan ga je stevig trippen….

Zeven psychologen versleten

De manieren waarop de PTSS-klachten van Ad en Marcel zich uiten, is niet het enige verschil tussen de mariniers uit andere generaties. ‘Ad heeft zich bij zijn situatie neergelegd,’ vertelt Angela. ‘Hij heeft er destijds wel een paar afspraakjes voor gehad, maar dat mag geen naam hebben. 25 jaar geleden waren er gewoon minder mogelijkheden. Er werd überhaupt veel minder over de nasleep van oorlog en militaire uitzendingen gesproken. Je was nou eenmaal marinier geweest en daarna ging je weer naar huis. Niet zeuren, gewoon doorgaan.

Ad knikt instemmend. ‘Makkelijk was dat niet,’ zegt hij voorzichtig. ‘Vooral de overgang van het mariniersleven, waarin je een duidelijke rangorde, positie en missie hebt, naar het rustige gezinsleven, daar had ik veel moeite mee. Maar erover praten deed ik liever niet. Het hoorde er nou eenmaal bij. Wat ze tegenwoordig allemaal voor oplossingen bedenken, daarvoor werd je in mijn tijd voor gek verklaard.’

Marcel snapt precies waar zijn vader op doelt. Na een lang en slepend traject van psychologen, therapeuten en praatsessies, zoekt Marcel sinds kort buiten zijn comfortzone naar antwoorden.

‘Ik ben klaar om iets nieuws te proberen. Ik heb inmiddels zeven psychologen versleten. Vorig jaar probeerde ik EMDR-therapie (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, red.), maar daar kwam ook niets uit. Artsen blijven maar medicatie voorschrijven, maar dat weiger ik. Dat spul verdooft alleen in plaats van je beter te maken.’