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Our individual authenticity and professionalism,
characterises the vibe of our tribe.

Luc is the founder CEO of Psychedelic Insights BV/Ltd. to offer qualified trip guides the opportunity to serve clients in an optimized setting and with science based protocols. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic Insights has since become an experienced professional and no nonsense organisation with passionate trip guides to help our clients navigate altered states of consciousness.
He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, plant medicine advocate, entrepreneur, ocean sailor, mountaineer, and rain forest explorer. Above all, he is a dad to his daughter Sam (2006). His life (choices) changed after Psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc ran a emotional health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and lifestyle coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health where he inspired the most serious offenders in The Netherlands.
Luc is a proponent of keeping these sacred medicines alive inside you, by doing them periodically. (Profile)

Jessika Lagarde is our marketing expert, she’s a storyteller, traveler, Earth and climate activist, psychedelic trip-guide for Psychedelic Insights, and Women On Psychedelics Co-founder. Having lived in four countries and nomadically for a year, her biggest treasures are the life experiences she collected from her travels. Jessika’s personal healing work with psychedelics has made her more aware not only of the crisis of our planet but also of the mental crisis humanity is in. All of her work is informed in taking action in a way that serves the Earth and our human collective, in hopes of mobilizing inner healing towards outer action. (profile)

Aleksandra is a Psychedelic guide, transformation life coach, evolutionary astrologer, creative storyteller and curious psychonaut and explorer with vibrant trust in the unknown. Her psychological academic background and BBA degree blended with her devotion to meditation and self-development taught her wide variety of healing modalities. She learned the most by her own journeys with the plant medicine and facilitating sessions with high doses of psilocybin with 100s of clients from all over the world. She has solid experience in guiding people through the whole process from introducing them to the concept of psychedelics, helping in their preparation prior and during their actual session where she is assisting and providing integration therapy after.

Aleksandra’s biggest passion is to support people coming back to alignment and harmony, using ancient healing tools for modern wellbeing. She organised sisterhood retreats and circles focused on empowering women to rediscover their deep connection to themselves, others and nature. Her commitment to inner transformation and empowering others on this path fuels her mission for expansion with Psychedelic Insights. Aleksandra raises the bar with her skill set, insights and deep connections with clients from all over the world.

Fons is an experienced trip guide and previously worked in psychiatric healthcare. A singer songwriter and former rapper, he changed his mission to serve others and connect deeply with our clients. his gentle and sensitive nature give him a soft emphatic strength.
Fons has experienced the benefits of psychedelics himself, which helped him to overcome his depression, and has, since then, been on the path psychedelic discovery. He strongly believes in the effects of plant medicines on mental health, as well as spiritually transformative experiences, and believes they can help build a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Fons naturally focuses on the good in people, which makes him a warm, relaxed, and open person, and an excellent guide. He believes that facilitating a psychedelic experience is nothing short of beautiful, ensuring that people feel safe, in a safe set and setting, so they can freely surrender to their own life changing experience.

Joanna Mary Hein-Hartmann (COO) is an early seed investor of Psychedelic Insights and helped get our first clinic in nature. From the very beginning in 2019 she has believed in the core values and mission of Psychedelic Insights. With 15 years experience working both front and back office operations, for SMEs, corporates and funds, Joanna’s happy vibe streamlines all logistics and planning for clients. She is your contact for all things that require our help. Joanna is native English, but also speaks German and French. As a nature therapist she’s in her element off the grid and in nature where microdosing and tripping in nature are her expertise. (profile)

Marcel is a veteran and has served in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for over 13 years and have carried out (SOF) missions in various parts of the world. Being a professional coach, he builds trust like no other, he deeply connects with others. His passion is to connect people with themselves, at a deeper level, with others and with the world. To help them find and optimally develop their authentic and completely unique strengths. Not only for themselves, but also for the environment they are part of. A gentile giant with a calm and composed softness has guided many clients, many of them veterans. A guide and veteran – to help you discover and support your self-healing ability…

Renate is a true free spirit who flows through life in her own way which has given her a lot of wonderful experiences and beautiful adventures. Renate is a veteran; At a young age she served in the royal Dutch army and after that she found her challenges and adventures in extreme endurance sports, for which she has traveled the world. After discovering the spiritual side of life, she went on a deep inner journey and decided to become a energetic therapist to assist others on their healing journey. Working in this field she felt there was something missing and since she already experienced the life changing healing power of psychedelics, she decided to combine these two together. During her work at psychedelic retreat centers she is able to combine the best of both. Renate has a lot of experience in guiding people, has a strong trust in her intuition and is down to earth. A guide who shines and who stands as a pillar through a psychedelic experience in which people can feel safe so they can allow themselves to surrender to the experience and heal. More on Renate.

Eva is a bringer of light, joy, healing and connection. In 2012 she finished her medical studies in Leiden and practiced regular medicine over the past eight years, working on the obstetrics ward guiding women through labour. Eva was a medical resident at the first aid department and her most recent job was a medical doctor with the Dutch Navy. When the pandemic hit, she realized that regular medicine was no longer her way. “I found out what it is that people really need to heal; sincere attention, faith and a true connection. In my experience, psilocybin is a beautiful gift of nature that can help us connect to our deepest, darkest, and most joyful selves.” (profile)

Eliška is a cognitive scientist (Ph.D. candidate) who has been involved with psychedelics both personally and professionally for over 10 years. In addition to her scientific exploration of the human mind, she is intrinsically motivated to help people take their first steps towards a transformational experience and consciousness-expanding journey. She is part of a non-profit psychedelic-oriented community platform that has been giving lectures on psychedelics and providing information to help facilitate safe and responsible use of these valuable substances. Since becoming a psychotherapist, she aims to help people find fuller lives and to more meaningfully connect with their emotions. Through Psychedelic Insights, Eliška brings both academic and personal experience to guiding individuals forward on their own unique life paths.

Saskia is psychiatric and flying nurse, social worker, psychonaut and creative spirit. For 11 years she worked in psychiatric health care, with a growing holistic approach, learning with the right tools, people are able to heal themselves. With mindfulness and cognitive behavioral training she supported people to be autonomous in their self-care and exploration. But there is only a little change you can make in the old health care system. She started deepening her self healing journey on psychedelics a long time ago and had the call to support others in the psychedelic healing realm.
Where the traveling passion and psychiatric interest comes together, is in her work as a medical travel assistant. When people get admitted in a psychiatric hospital abroad, she can be the nurse who assist the person in their travel to their home or a psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands.

Many hundreds of international clients went before you. Mostly in private sessions with 2 facilitators serving you. We believe in personal attention, in an authentic and ethical quality service. All we want is for you to have a positive experience, feel safe and understood.