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“Our team mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development. Managing psychedelic assisted experiences with a science-based approach, we innovate personal transformation.”

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Our individual authenticity and professionalism,
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Jessika Lagarde is a storyteller, traveler, Earth and climate activist, Psychedelic Guide for Psychedelic Insights, and Women On Psychedelics Co-founder. Having lived in four countries and nomadically for a year, her biggest treasures are the life experiences she collected from her travels. Jessika’s personal healing work with psychedelics has made her more aware not only of the crisis of our planet but also of the mental crisis humanity is in. All of her work is informed in taking action in a way that serves the Earth and our human collective, in hopes of mobilizing inner healing towards outer action.

Ellen is educated as a health scientist and is deeply inspired to contribute to people’s health, as well as to create healthy environments. Ellen previously worked as a nutrition and health researcher for the Louis Bolk Institute, specializing in ‘Integrative Medicine’, which describes the integration of regular healthcare with complementary and traditional medicine techniques (such as plant medicine, lifestyle, nutrition, yoga, meditation and visualization). Her master’s degree was specifically on the concepts of ‘integrative medicine’, ‘holistic health’ and personal development, while her bachelor’s degree researched the integration of psilocybin into the regular healthcare system.

Ellen’s interest in combining and integrating regular healthcare with alternative medicines and therapies led her to train in (self)-healing, psychology, meditation, energy-work, tantra and (psychedelic) ceremonies. This unique combination of both professional and practical experience, along with a warm, highly sensitive personality, makes her a great facilitator. To that end, she also heads the Psychedelic Insights facilitator team.

Niels has a degree in positive psychology and currently works as an independent psychologist in acceptance and commitment therapy. He developed early on in life an interest in meditation, yoga and other areas of alternative therapy that can increase well being.

Niels dreamed of one day gaining knowledge and experience in those fields so that he could be helpful to others. Changing his study to positive psychology turned out to be a step towards that dream. Now he works with many therapies based on Eastern philosophies. He has had great experiences with those therapies in bringing people back to their essence. Besides his enthusiasm for positive psychology he became particularly fond of plant medicine and the healing they can bring. Finally, Niels is known for being an open, calm and caring person.

Elsa is a psychologist and professional massage therapist. During her bachelor’s and master’s degrees studying psychology and cross-cultural expressions of mental illness, she utilized her highly sensitive and empathic nature to work as a caregiver for the elderly and disabled, and has pursued the promotion of care and healing ever since. Her therapeutic approach focuses on resolving emotional traumas that are physically manifested through blockages in the human body. In her work, she applies ancient methods including reiki,  Indian and Chinese foot massage, and the use of natural herbal products, as well as methods to optimise the functioning body and mind. In her search for ancient methods of healing and traditional medicine, she travelled the world where she studied and worked with Indian masters, Chinese reflexology experts, and Mexican herbology experts, as well as facilitated and assisted in Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Brazilian Amazon. These experiences yielded many invaluable insights, all of which she brings to her therapeutic sessions. Through Psychedelic Insights, Elsa brings a unique perspective and a highly intuitive holistic approach to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Joanna Mary Hein-Hartmann is an early seed investor of Psychedelic Insights and helped get our first clinic in nature. From the beginning she has believed in the core values and mission of Psychedelic Insights. With 15 years experience working both front and back office operations, for SMEs, corporates and funds, Joanna brings insight on how to best streamline internal and external processes and standard operating procedures. Joanna is native English, but also speaks German and French.

Luc is the founder of Psychedelic Insights. He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, plant medicine advocate, entrepreneur, ocean sailor, mountaineer, and rain forest explorer. Above all, he is a dad to his daughter Sam (15). His life (choices) changed after psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc had a 15-year internet business career and a few years after taking psychedelics Luc ran a mental health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and life style coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health.

Following 1 year of freelance trip guiding, Luc founded Psychedelic Insights to offer qualified trip guides the opportunity to serve clients in an optimised setting and with science based protocols. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic Insights has since become an experienced professional and no nonsense organisation.

We provide effective one day sessions with psychological preparation talks. Our international team is multi-skilled, and passion driven. We hope to accelerate the tipping point of human consciousness by providing safe access to these sacred and century old medicines.

Many hundreds of international clients went before you. Mostly in private one-on-one sessions with 2 facilitators, male and female serving you. We believe in personal attention, in an authentic and ethical quality service.