Vital Education Retreat

Welcome to
Psychedelic Psychology

a Psychedelic Insights Therapist Experience Training

Thank you for your interest in our retreat.

We are honored to receive you as guests and to provide you with a warm, safe set and setting for your psychedelic experiences. Our professional multi disciplinary and cross cultural team of psychedelic therapists are very experienced in guiding and integration. We are all looking forward to meeting you. Our mission is “the work“. We are looking forward to sharing the magic.

The process

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Photo by Andrea

1 – Intake

The first step in the process is to fill out the intake form. This is a way for you to let us know what your psychological and medical state situation is. The objective is to get to know you better and assess if you are safe for the psychedelic experiences on the retreat. We use legal and fresh psilocybin containing natural truffles. The psychedelic experiences can be that profound, that preparation and integration therapy is required.

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2 – Intro & Screening

We see great value in seeing you, even online, to get to know you better and vice versa. It is an opportunity to discuss everything. All your fears, hopes and expectations. To have all your questions answered. To get introduced and have us explain how we operate and all practical questions about the retreat. You will meet experienced trip-guides who welcome you to the start of a true adventurous journey.

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3 – Admission

When you are happy with us and feel safe with the idea of our team guiding you and vice versa, we invite you to print the retreat agreement [document], sign it, scan it and send it to All refunds are 100% of the payment made. Then to make your reservation final, payments are accepted via the button below. Payment must be received by August 1.
Submit the tuition to secure your place in the program: €2,250. We thank you for your trust and congratulate you on a new chapter of your life and your education.

Note: credit card payment can be made via Paypal.
Our bank details: Psychedelic Insights BV
NL90 INGB 0007 3019 18


Location pick-up 4PM September 25: The Van Der Valk Hotel Amsterdam
Joan Muyskenweg 20 1096 CJ Amsterdam [Hotel: LINK] [Address MAP]

Impressions of location & shared accommodations

Note: Obviously no-one needs to share a bed, just a room

More about the retreat on
Sunday September 25
to Friday September 30 (2022)

Included in the price:

  • 2 full psychedelic training experiences (one with the entire group + 1 additional session with participants paired for trip-guiding experience)
  • Professional trip guides and a host
  • Integration calls after the retreat
  • Accommodation, shared
  • Retreat location: Original Dutch farmhouse
  • Retreat from Sunday 5PM – Friday 11AM
  • Transport to/from the Van Der Valk Hotel Amsterdam (Joan Muyskenweg 20 1096 CJ Amsterdam)
  • Cook is on site (vegan / vegetarian meals: breakfast 8AM / lunch 1PM / dinner 7PM)
    Snacks & drinks available throughout your stay.
  • Magic psilocybin truffles, donated by Fresh Mushrooms

COVID policy: We follow government policies. We may require a valid negative COVID antigen test result or certicifate no older than 48 hours, to be supplied in the 24 hours before pick up on 25 September 2022. Please send the result that includes your ID / passport, to

Esther is our Ayurvedic vegan & vegetarian retreat cook.

Vegan & vegetairian on-site Ayurvedic cook

Let’s discover ourselves, together.

*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any way or form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers fresh magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care and as a natural food supplement. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure or have any mental health history such as suicidal thoughts, psychoses in your blood line, borderline personality or bi-polar. Everyone can have a very different response to psilocybin truffles. It may be medically safe but not everyone gains a positive experience. It can affect people negatively.

We do NOT sell or supply the natural legal truffle. They are graciously donated by the largest quality cultivator in the world, Fresh Mushrooms.

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