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Our individual authenticity and professionalism,
characterises the vibe of our Psychedelic Insights’ tribe.

“Our mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development through a well prepared safe set and setting for guided psychedelic experiences. We innovate personal transformation to accelerate the tipping-point of human consciousness.”

Founded by Luc van Poelje (1969), CEO, Psychedelic Insights works with professional ‘psychedelic coaches’ to create the best set & setting.

We are (em-) powered by our operations guru, Joanna, who will be organising your tailor made offer so you have a worry-free stay, your way.

Aleksandra is our lead coach and is safeguarding our clients’ therapeutic processes and experience. Our top coach also selects, trains and educates new staff. Aleksandra brings harmony and life to those she connects with.

We are here to hear how we can support you and explain what we do, how we work and answer all your questions.

fltr: Joanna, Alekandra, Fons, Luc,Jessika, Renate
For most of us, providing this sacred service is the most valuable way to spend our limited time here.

From left to right: Joanna, Aleksandra, Fons, Luc, Jessika and Renate.

Our tribe consists of authentic and unique individuals who form our trans-disciplinary team. Our psychedelic coaches come from varying scientific, psychological, psycho-therapeutic, and international and cultural backgrounds and together, we form a stable, passionate, and mission driven warmhearted team, to provide each client with the best opportunity to benefit from the potential of psilocybin magic.

We love to hear how we can help you and answer all your questions. Also to share our process, lessons and experiences after having safely provided high dose psilocybin truffle experiences to many hundreds of very different people from all over the world. We love what we do and our work is a series (and circus) of miracles and an emotional journey to be witness to so much profound experiences. Laughter, tears, joy, fear, grief and ecstasy are welcomed by us. We hope to make you feel safe and do this with you!

The Psychedelic Insights tribe

Aleksandra is a Psychedelic guide, transformation life coach, evolutionary astrologer, creative storyteller and curious psychonaut and explorer with vibrant trust in the unknown. Her psychological academic background and BBA degree blended with her devotion to meditation and self-development taught her wide variety of healing modalities. She learned the most by her own journeys with the plant medicine and facilitating sessions with high doses of psilocybin with 100s of clients from all over the world. She has solid experience in guiding people through the whole process from introducing them to the concept of psychedelics, helping in their preparation prior and during their actual session where she is assisting and providing integration therapy after.

Aleksandra’s biggest passion is to support people coming back to alignment and harmony, using ancient healing tools for modern wellbeing. She organised sisterhood retreats and circles focused on empowering women to rediscover their deep connection to themselves, others and nature. Her commitment to inner transformation and empowering others on this path fuels her mission for expansion with Psychedelic Insights. Aleksandra raises the bar with her skill set, insights and deep connections with clients from all over the world.

Fons is an experienced trip guide and previously worked in psychiatric healthcare. A singer songwriter and former rapper, he changed his mission to serve others and connect deeply with our clients. his gentle and sensitive nature give him a soft emphatic strength.
Fons has experienced the benefits of psychedelics himself, which helped him to overcome his depression, and has, since then, been on the path psychedelic discovery. He strongly believes in the effects of plant medicines on mental health, as well as spiritually transformative experiences, and believes they can help build a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Fons naturally focuses on the good in people, which makes him a warm, relaxed, and open person, and an excellent guide. He believes that facilitating a psychedelic experience is nothing short of beautiful, ensuring that people feel safe, in a safe set and setting, so they can freely surrender to their own life changing experience.

Fleur started on a journey, about 10 years ago. After struggling with anxiety and severe overthinking for a big part of her life, she decided to do things differently. She dived into the world of mindfulness, psychology & spirituality, transforming herself from a wallflower into her authentic self. She went on many explorations, both in the outer world & in her inner world, where psychedelics played a big role for her. During this process she discovered her interests and talents and she learned everything about the human mind & behaviour. Fleur now uses her experience to help others to live a more authentic life.
Practical yet deeply healing; she uses meditation for healing therapy sessions. With her calm and emphatic presence and by asking the right questions, Fleur helps people to transform limiting thoughts and behaviour into clear desires and practical goals.
Realizing that her fascination for psychedelics goes very well hand in hand with her work, Fleur wanted to take it to the next level; combining her work with trip-guiding to come to even more powerful results.

Magda is a certified life and spiritual coach who bridges spirituality with practical life. Born and raised in Poland, Magda travelled the world and, following her heart and intuition, found teachers and mentors to help guide her experiential learning and inner transformation.

After exploring mindfulness and meditation, reiki, yoga Nidra, tarot, and wisdom traditions, she discovered a passion for psychedelics that opened gates to more understanding, love, and compassion.

Magda works with individuals and groups helping others to connect with their authentic selves and cultivate trust as guidance toward their inner knowing.

She is empathetic, intuitive and caring.

Renate is a true free spirit who flows through life in her own way which has given her a lot of wonderful experiences and beautiful adventures. Renate is a veteran; At a young age she served in the royal Dutch army and after that she found her challenges and adventures in extreme endurance sports, for which she has traveled the world. After discovering the spiritual side of life, she went on a deep inner journey and decided to become a energetic therapist to assist others on their healing journey. Working in this field she felt there was something missing and since she already experienced the life changing healing power of psychedelics, she decided to combine these two together. During her work at psychedelic retreat centers she is able to combine the best of both. Renate has a lot of experience in guiding people, has a strong trust in her intuition and is down to earth. A guide who shines and who stands as a pillar through a psychedelic experience in which people can feel safe so they can allow themselves to surrender to the experience and heal.

Marcel is a veteran and has served in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for over 13 years and have carried out (SOF) missions in various parts of the world. Being a professional coach, he builds trust like no other, he deeply connects with others. His passion is to connect people with themselves, at a deeper level, with others and with the world. To help them find and optimally develop their authentic and completely unique strengths. Not only for themselves, but also for the environment they are part of. A gentile giant with a calm and composed softness has guided many clients, many of them veterans. A guide and veteran – to help you discover and support your self-healing ability…

Wei Ting is an integrative Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Sound therapist with an extensive and versatile background and foundation: a Master’s degree in Law, Integrative Coaching and Counseling degree of the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy and working experience at multiple startups and scale-ups in various roles from international project manager to legal investment manager. Currently she’s also connected the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy as trainer.

In her work she bridges the conscious and the subconscious world.

With her multidimensional experience in the professional work field and within the areas of personal and spiritual development, she offers a broad point of view and frame of reference which helps in illuminating challenges and opportunities from different angles, discovering new perspectives and bringing you into action towards your goals.

Cécile is French, mother of two, living in the Netherlands. She is a traveler
who grew up and worked on different continents and countries (West Africa, Morocco, Europe), while working in finance for decades. Now as a certified transformative coach who completed the Compassionate Inquiry professional training & mentorship by Gabor Maté, she interacts with people from a place of compassion, openness, trust & playfulness, building a safe place in which they can (re)connect with themselves at a deep level. Her deep belief is that it’s never too late, we are never too sick or broken – there are always so many possibilities to tap into our power and healing capacities, and Compassionate Inquiry is a beautiful modality for this purpose. Being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases changed her life.She embarked on a journey to reconnect with her body and feelings instead of working against them, and psychedelics are an important part of this journey to be healthier and happier. Today she sees herself as a wounded healer, and always a work in progress – resilient, grounded, peaceful (a growing portion of the time).

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