Psychedelic Couples Sessions – Deepen Connection with Magic Experiences

One day couple sessions are for friends, partners or couples who are interested in deepening their connection in a unique life experience. We specialize in safe guided private psilocybin sessions for couples, relatives or friends. Psilocybin experiences have been used for millennia for spiritual practices. It’ s a spiritual life experience to your own soul that you can share together.

The psilocybin truffle experiences for couples can be incredibly bonding, creating a deeper sense of intimacy and connection between partners. The psychedelic experience itself can help to uncover underlying grief, leading to increased empathy, emotional intelligence and better communication in the relationship. The afterglow effects of psilocybin experiences can last for months, providing initial opportunities for change with the onset of neuroplasticity.

Heart adventures


In the psychedelic state you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, concepts, assumptions, and convictions. This can lead to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s triggers, deeper motivations and emotions to change long held beliefs about you, your trauma, relationships and the world around you. These experiences can often be deeply meaningful and significant. It can affect the relationship with yourself, your subconscious beliefs and the relationships you have with others and the world around you. The process is about you ultimately.

It is not a fix!

We advise you to seek professional, “regular” couples therapy to address relationship trauma or abuse. This experience cannot save your marriage or relationship. You cannot change your partner; Only change yourself. Both are required to step forward 100% in earnest. The experiences can create personal clarity to address issues, so you can heal and grow, first personally, secondly, as such, in your relationship. It’s an opportunity to become more unstuck and self aware, vulnerable and able to regulate emotions better. This can increase intimacy and connection.

However, you can take ownership of your life and emotional wellbeing. If take responsibility for your emotions, we invite you to explore further. Choose to heal on a personal level. Connect deeper with yourself and loved ones. If your partner is unwilling, choose your own healing. Chose to evolve and allow this ancient mystical natural medicine to show you what you need to learn, see or feel.

Psychedelic Insights’ coaches inform you, screen you, prepare you, coach you and guide you. They provide the integration after. These experiences can feel deeply significant and profound but it is different for all people, every time. We provide the safe set and setting together with you. Together we build a relationship of trust and take all steps on this beautiful adventure together.

We love to hear about your hopes and questions


The couples program resolves around safety. From the introduction call throughout the process, you personal m/f coach team support you. You will finally meet face to face one the session day . .

The introduction call is the start of any experience. An opportunity to speak with the lead coaches, ask all questions, and to understand whether this is the right journey for you. After the intake, you’ll be invited to schedule your guided experience and preparation calls, to meet your dedicated guides and learn more about the process leading up to the actual psychedelic experience.

Couples sessions requires 3 nights minimum. Every person, has their own private experience on a separate day. This is essential for everyone’s safety because emotionally you need to be safe from negative dynamics. You can join and support your partner, when the session is over.


You’ll wake up at the accommodation (so no rushing from airports). Have all day for the session – and go to bed there. The next day, your partner is up. While your partner is taken good care of, you a free to explore Amsterdam, walk to parks, contemplate your psychedelic experience of the day before. There will be enough for you to process yourself after your trip. When the coaches text you, you are welcome back to be with your partner, safely. Just landed, your partner may have had an entirely different experience. Sensitive and compassionate inquiry is the mode now.

The team comes and prepares you for the session ahead. No more mobiles, schedules, just here and now that matter. You’ll get comfy and trip in bed. Safe and warm under the cover. Guided by your team and music to keep you in a safe and steady flow. Eyes closed, we go where we create our universe. Inside our minds. That is where the magic is.

Schedule a free online introduction call

Talk to the actual psychedelic coaches and share your story, intentions, hopes and fears and we’ll answer all your questions and explain our processes.


Our comprehensive process include the:
– Introduction & intake call
– You personal coach team m/f
– Preparation call together (expectations)
– Preparation call individual (intention setting)
– We support you scheduling and booking your stay in a beautiful and peaceful environment
– Private guided one day session. You both have your day separate (with legal EU food safety certified truffles containing psilocybin, straight from the farm)
– Post-retreat integration coaching sessions – to catalyse the potential for positive and enduring change in the period of neuroplasticity.

Joanna, our British planning guru is here to support you personally throughout the entire process. First, talk to the top guides in the intro call! We can see you our clients on almost every date but it requires at least 2 weeks for safety.

We invite you to explore this incredible opportunity with us, and discover the profound benefits that psilocybin can have for your relationship and your overall wellbeing. Contact us to learn more.

The Couple experience EUR 3695
(Including all preparation calls, the 2 session days with your m/f psychedelic coaches each and 4 post session integration coaching calls – Excluding accommodation, travel, food and beverages, etc. A custom proposal can be an all inclusive offer based on different options).


Check what previous clients said about their experience.

Talk to the actual psychedelic coaches. Share your story, intentions, hopes and fears. We’ll answer all your questions and explain our processes.