One day couple sessions are for friends, partners or couples who are interested in deepening their connection in a unique life experience. We specialize in safe guided private psilocybin sessions, which have been used for millennia for spiritual practices.

The psilocybin truffle experiences for couples can be incredibly bonding, creating a deeper sense of intimacy and connection between partners. The psychedelic experience itself can help to uncover underlying grief, leading to increased empathy, emotional intelligence and better communication in the relationship. The afterglow effects of psilocybin experiences can last for months, providing initial opportunities for change with the neuroplasticity.


One day sessions revolve around one private psilocybin session day. This is a deeply spiritual experience with legal, safe, natural psilocybin truffles. You are both prepared with an introduction, preparation & intention setting calls to learn more about each other and the process. An experienced and licenced (male) cognitive scientist and couples and psychedelic assisted psychotherapist, will be supported by two experienced (female) psychedelic coaches during the calls and the sessions.

Heart adventures


In the psychedelic state you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, concepts, assumptions, and convictions. This can lead to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s triggers, deeper motivations and emotions to change long held beliefs about you, your trauma, relationships and the world around you.

These experiences can often be deeply meaningful and significant. Spiritual, philosophical and psychological in nature, convictions and concepts may shift. Many insights and realisations that lead to more inner peace, in many personal meaningful metaphors, can be important steps in peoples process. It can affect the relationship with yourself and the relationships you have with others and the world around you.

Psychedelic Insights’ coaches inform you, screen you, prepare you, coach you and guide you. They provide the integration after. These experiences can feel deeply significant and profound but it is different for all people, every time. We provide the safe set and setting together with you. Together we build a relationship of trust and take all steps on this beautiful adventure together.

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On the session day, the psychedelic coach team will visit you at the accommodation. Before noon the team arrives to finally meet you in person. We’ll talk, catch up and start preparing everything for the right set and setting. The coaches will remain with you all day for as long as is required. You feeling safe is simply the only objective.

We take our time and catch up and prepare you too. Each person has their own room and bed for the initial phase of the session. Every person, first, has their own private experience separate, to dive deep into your own universe, your heart, your fears, eyes closed. Guided by your team and music to keep you in a safe flow. We invite you to visit and be with each other, during the final phase of the psychedelic experience.

The intention setting is done before the session, during the preparation. It is done individually and as a couple too. The integration is based on the intention and has both your personal integration coaching as well as the integration as a couple. As a person but also as a couple, what is it you hope to gain or lose from this experience?

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Talk to the actual psychedelic coaches and share your story, intentions, hopes and fears and we’ll answer all your questions and explain our processes.


Our comprehensive process include introductions, pre-session preparation, private guided one day session retreats that are centered around the use of high-dose, legal truffles containing psilocybin, and post-retreat integration coaching to catalyse the potential for positive and enduring change. We help you book your stay in a beautiful and peaceful environment where you can reflect and be yourself peacefully. The setting.

Joanna, our British planning guru is here to support you personally throughout the entire process. First, talk to the top guides in the intro call! And yes, we can do almost every date.

We invite you to explore this incredible opportunity with us, and discover the profound benefits that psilocybin can have for your relationship and your overall wellbeing. Contact us to learn more.

The best couple service we can provide you: EUR 2795
(Including all preparation calls, the session day with your three psychedelic coaches and 3×4 integration coaching calls – Excluding accommodation, travel, food and beverages, etc. A custom proposal can be an all inclusive offer based on different options.)


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Talk to the actual psychedelic coaches. Share your story, intentions, hopes and fears. We’ll answer all your questions and explain our processes.