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Are you ready to unlock the power of psychedelics and take your business to the next level? Our B2B Psychedelic event services provide your organisation with an experienced and accredited partner for psychedelic psilocybin truffle experiences.

Are you an event organiser looking to expand your business? We provide a comprehensive expert event planning service, tailored to your needs. Our psychedelic retreats solutions in The Netherlands offer a unique experience for different types of people, such as groups, members, clients, patients, teams, self development enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. From board room members to innovators, leaders, veterans, agencies, foundations, etc. Our retreats are designed to stimulate self-discovery and a heart connection. Let’s connect to exchange ideas and manifest some dreams!

Event services by Psychedelic Insights

From introduction with the team to psychological and medical screening, to logistic planning, to retreat communication, legal contracts, welcome gifts, journals, flowers, integration therapy, everything is covered. We have the operational and legal expertise and psychedelic retreat expertise to co-create the perfect retreat together.

Psychedelic Insights BV is your event co-organiser – Your partner for legal psilocybin truffle retreat solutions with professional guidance and services in The Netherlands. Multi skilled in the reality of psychedelic events; From screening to integration.

We serve our partners with turnkey solutions:

– Project management – Consultation

Location selection & booking
– Operations

– Local rep. in native language
– screening and intake,
– formula setting,
– decorations and inventory,
– welcome gifts, journals,
– fresh magic truffles from our trusted source, EU food safety certified
– client communications pre and post session,
– transport, F&B / catering (incl. client diet restrictions),
– the Psychedelic Insights coaches and other retreat staff,
– integration therapy, follow ups,
– managing suppliers, groceries, drivers, etc.
– safety protocols and a lot more…

Leadership programs | Veteran retreats | Therapist training | Women & men’s groups | Professional groups | Special interest groups | Your own clients

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Let’s manifest!

An entire psychedelic retreat project team to plan and execute a formula on the ground;

Retreat partner location: The Matter

Example of luxury location for max 8 participants. Run by Marieke and Eric, both guides, at The Matter. Theirs is an “invite only” design retreat location with accommodation for 8 plus 2 guides, yurt, fireplace, natural surroundings and more.

Example of accommodation for 4 with yurt, outside camp fire place. Contact us for more information.

Accommodation for 8 at The Matter. Exclusive retreat location

It is our mission to provide safe access and the best possible setting for a world wide audience.

Provide your clients with a life changing event