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Testimonials from guided high dose psilocybin truffle experiences

“This must be 10,000 times more effective as EMDR”


OMG, this changes absolutely everything…


Thanks to you I have glimpsed something I didn’t know of before and which changes everything. I’m clinging to the warmth and quiet joy of it and intend to continue the ‘work’ as I learn more about this extraordinary mystery.

Our experience was extraordinary. We both want to thank your company for taking such care in all the details of everything, from the guides Marcel and Aleksandra, who were incredibly excellent, to the multiple communications and Zoom meetings, and the location as well—which totally enhanced our experience. It has been a pleasure to work with you throughout.


Dear all, The retreat, professionally organised by Luc and his team, is by far the most important experience in my life. I didn’t had any experience with psychedelics or other things besides a cold beer. Therefore I was a bit hesitant.

The Team took great care of me. Together we set the right intention. During the trips they created a safe space. Never too little or too much attention, just right. A perfect setting of atmosphere, sound and smell. This safe space allowed me to go full in.

The first trip I deeply went into myself. Ended in a conscious space of Oneness. Words can not describe what I saw and experienced.


I have only positive feedback! The trip was wonderful, the experience and your support were top notch. You’re such beautiful people. I received from truffles what I was asking for, beyond expectations. I’m still in awe when I think back at my trip.
Some of the things I received from truffles are embedded in me since the trip, some others are a matter of understanding (and wanting) how to incorporate them in my life.
The life after.


So, i wanted to share my experience with Luc and the whole „Psychedelic Insights“ team with you.

I havent had any experiences with psychedelics prior, but i was always curious what they can do for me. Especially because ive been an avid fan of personal development for a decade already, and noticed that i just couldnt get rid of some of my negative habits. After i read a lot about the magic of mushrooms, i decided to try it.

Luckily i found Luc and the whole „Psychedelic Insights“ Team. Let let me tell you what an amazing job they did with guiding me through my first mushroom experience.

Before we even scheduled the experience i had two very in depth calls to prepare for my journey. I got an extensive education on what i can expect from the journey, i got all my questions answered and, most important, they helped me a lot with setting a clear intention for the experience.
My intention was: healing.

We met in Amsterdam in my AirBnB. After first meeting my guides in person and hearing even more about their story, i felt even more happy to have chosen Niels and Elsa as my guides. They were amazing!

When the experience started i felt very safe. Niels and Elsa were at my site at all times and helped me get the most out of my experience. They helped me really let go and enjoy the ride!

During the beginning of my mushroom experience i had some trouble letting go and really diving into the experience. There was a lot of resistance which i wasnt able to let go by myself. Niels and Elsa‘s experience was really shining here! They guided me perfectly and helped me let go in a matter of minutes. Im sure without them by my side i would have felt a little bit lost navigating through this amazing experience.
After they showed me exactly what to do, i let go, slipped into the experience and let the mushrooms do their magic.

And let me tell you: magic they did!
It was a wonderful experience that i cant put into words. It was breathtaking!

Right now Niels, Elsa and Luc are still helping me integrate the whole experience, which i am super grateful for, since i havent learned this much about myself in a matter of hours EVER.

So, to put it in a nutshell:
I had a beautiful experience and can only recommend working with „Psychedelic Insights“, if you are just a tiny bit curious of what these magic mushrooms, combined with an amazing team of loving and caring professionals can do for you. 🙂


I have benefitted greatly from my experiences. And I definitely experienced the ‘afterglow’. I have not done a lot of intentional integration and was ‘riding the wave’ but recognise that there is concerted awareness to live. In the last day or so, I feel much more ‘back to baseline’, but the shifts inside, feels permanent.


This retreat Luc and his staff organised gave me such intense and wonderful insights. I felt so safe during this retreat. The true love and honesty Luc and his team provided, were the base of this beautiful intense and life changing experience for me. Beautiful people! I can fully recommend Psychedelic Insights to everyone who’s thinking about or wanting a journey to discover your true self, where’s true love, power and beautiful insights and connection! Luc and the whole team, thank you so much!!!


The retreat has taught me very valuable lessons about life and brought me inner peace as well as regained strength on a mental level. Luc and the team were extremely knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. It’s high time for our world leaders to join a retreat :). Thank you all very much.


WOW- what happened today?! I still cant put it into words and comprehend what happened but I do know already that the experience was much much more than I expected and it felt so real and rewarding 😊.Confrontational on one hand but on the other hand groundbreaking and very joyful to experience a world without control😀

I want to thank you so much for spending your valuable time today with me and for being a part of my journey. I really enjoyed having you nearby – we’ve only known each other since today but I felt a strong connection with you. I’ve had a lot of support from you and the conversations we had during and after – I felt super safe and supported 🙏🏽🙏🏽 .

I don’t know exactly what happened to me and how I will wake up tomorrow(and the rest of my life), but I already have the idea that this has been a life changing experience.We’ll talk soon and I wish you a very nice and sunny weekend🌞
Thank you so much!


Don’t be afraid for the unknown. Open your mind, body and soul. This is life changing in a good conscious manner. With positive side affects beyond your imagination. Just do it.


I was made aware of the magic in us. This setting was very powerful and filled with love and magical.


Luc his work is healing, connecting , inspiring, humorous, with a lot of love. I can advice everybody who is curious to understand themselves better. The only way out is within.


Words cannot describe how valuable this week has been to me. The insights I got and the group that was there was great.


This is something what everybody who is ready for it should experience. It’s a life changing experience for who wants to find truth in themselves. No words can explain the experience, only by doing it you will find out:-)


Wow… I first became intrigued with medicinal medicine about a year ago and did a lot of research on psilocybin and the amazing (and beneficial) properties. I did a lot of research on different trip guides and when I found “Psychedelic Insights” in Amsterdam and read about their philosophy and concepts, I thought I found the right place.

I had preliminary chats with Luc and Ellen and felt so good about them that I soon booked my “trip”. Upon arriving at their business and meeting Luc and Ellen, I immediately got a wonderful and confident feeling from them and this was proven by their trip guidance.

Sometimes in life you meet people and can feel their positive energy and love, this was especially true about Luc and Ellen. I couldn’t have imagined just how magnificent the experience was.

I would recommend Psychedelic Insights, Luc, and Ellen to anybody. It was one of the most spiritual and wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. Full of Discovery about myself, love, and the universe.
Five big beautiful stars.


It’s really difficult to know what to say in this review. I won’t talk too much about the effect of the mushrooms themselves because there’s a lot of information out there about them already. All I will say is that they provided me with a most incredible and healing session.

Please do believe the positive reviews, and I’m confident that as long as you follow the precautions advised around set and setting, pretty much everyone would gain something positive from taking mushrooms on occasion.

I have lived through some difficult experiences in my life, and through my job seen a lot of suffering in others which has taken a toll. I feel the mushrooms have helped me heal some of the wounds, and allowed me to return to my life and work refreshed, ready to embrace whatever challenges follow.

In regards to the Psychedelic Insights team, I really can’t recommend these guys highly enough. On the day of my experience I had Luc and Ellen guiding me, along with an observer. I was in a pretty fragile place mentally, and although I felt confident I am sure my experience could have been negatively affected had I not been in the company of such seasoned sitters. Luc, Ellen and their friend all have an incredibly kind nature.

Prior to the experience they took their time to explain the process to me, and allowed me to raise anything I felt important. They ensured the environment was warm, comfortable and relaxed. They gave me clear information about dosing and helped me feel empowered in my choice.

The experience itself was the most intensely healing/cleansing day of my life. That being said the sheer depth and breadth of emotions was exhausting, and may have been frightening had I not be so well looked after. For most of it Ellen appeared to be my main sitter, and she did incredibly well at striking the balance between being present enough for me to know she was there if I needed, whilst giving me the space to be with some very personal thoughts/feelings. Luc was also on hand when need, he interacted in a natural and cheery way.

Although my trip was tough, I didn’t feel it took any dark or worrying turns which I understand can affect some people. I feel that had my trip gone that way both Ellen and Luc would be a powerful presence who could be depended on. In “the job” that I do, I see the best and the worst of people, and they are definitely the best of people.

When considering a new experience such as this, I am much more comfortable taking the risk myself than I would be letting those close to me do so. I can honestly say that if any of my family considered this kind of experience, I would recommend Ellen and Luc to them without any doubt.

At the beginning of the day, Luc and Ellen were effectively strangers to me. Almost 3 months later, even though I’ve not seen or really spoken to them since I consider them close friends, and feel a huge gratitude for the service they give in sitting with people through such experiences. Thank you so much.


I am a psychologist from the U.S. The growing body of research involving the use of psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs as adjuncts to psychotherapy led me to want to know more about the experience, especially because I might soon be able to legally assist a client to use these drugs as an adjunct to the work I do with them. I was also personally curious about how psilocybin would effect me, but I wanted to go to a place where I could feel confident there were reliable controls over the quality of the drug.

I mean no offense toward other locations in the world where psilocybin could be used when I say that I chose Amsterdam because of the city’s long history of careful controls over drug production, distribution, and use.

I chose Psychedelic Insights to assist me for similar reasons. I wanted to feel confident that there would be knowledgeable people I could trust to help me if I needed it, just in case anything went wrong during the trip. This was especially a concern because I had never tried psilocybin before. I also wanted to feel like it was less likely that problems would arise. Emails with Luc prior to my visit reassured me that he was a guy I could rely on in all of these ways.

I really can’t say enough positive about the extraordinary service provided by Psychedelic Insights. Let me start with the people. Luc and Ellen were informed, patient, and exceedingly compassionate throughout my trip. They provided a very comprehensive discussion of what to expect and of how to prepare to receive the trip prior to beginning it. The process was so very carefully designed and implemented.

I cannot stress that enough. Ellen and Luc made a really great team. They were both so incredibly attentive to the need to create a therapeutic setting. I knew something about this issue prior to arriving but still, my mindset was definitely assisted so that I could be appropriately receptive to the experience. This was a direct result of how they prepared me and also of how they prepared the location.

You can imagine, engaging in this kind of work is incredibly intense and the nature of the experience is unpredictable. To have two people who are able and willing to sit with you and reassure as needed, regardless of the nature of the experience you have, and then patiently, compassionately, and so wisely assist in the processing before, during, and after the trip was really quite exceptional.

I want to mention something else even though this might seem like a silly detail. A very positive aspect of the experience for me was the flavor of the truffles. This was probably not due to anything special that they did but I want to mention it anyway because it contributed to the pleasantness of the experience.

After I was shown how to grind up the truffle, I was shown how to make a tea out of it. I did that and when I drank it, I was so surprised that the tea was absolutely not at all unpleasantly flavored. I’d expected the worst because of what I’d heard about magic mushrooms. My experience was that the tea was not the least bit unpleasant. I did feel slightly nauseas at one point, but that was short-lived and I think it was a function of the impact of the drug on my body rather than the flavor.

I should also mention that the space was a lovely, warm, comfy home. I look back on the whole experience and I have such nice memories. What a privilege for me, someone who, prior to that day, had never met Luc or Ellen, to be able to receive such kindness and warmth from both of them. I feel as though I made two new, very special friends.


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