Psychedelic Insights

One day private sessions or intimate nature retreats to experience legal psychedelic magic psilocybin truffles in a safe set and setting with experienced and professional staff.

We believe an enhanced, higher consciousness, can uncover truths, experience psychedelic insights, that may lead to perspective changes that may change how you feel.

Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Insights provides legal, safe, psychologically guided psychedelic experiences, to individuals, groups, and professionals, with magic psilocybin truffles for personal development and quality of life.

Becoming the true you

Psychedelic Insights brings together an interdisciplinary team of authentic and experienced psychologists, therapists, health scientists and spiritual care professionals, who are there for you and your safety. Our guides provide the psychological guidance before, during and after your psychedelic psilocybin assisted experience. Pre and post (integration) counseling is included and 3 different sessions are provided in order for the experience to be fully integrated and beneficial in the long term.

We prioritize an authentic personal approach and a safe set and setting, where we offer a unique magic psilocybin truffle experience in a one-day private session for individuals, or small groups who prefer an intimate and a more personal setting.

We work with natural, fresh, magic psilocybin truffles.
The intentions that you have set with your dedicated facilitator-therapist during your preparation calls, are the start of your adventure. In depth reflection of intentions for your upcoming psychedelic experience can lead to psychedelic insights that may change your perspective and change how you feel.

Whether you have already experienced psychedelics, or are interested to have a psychedelic journey for the first time, your well-being is our primary concern – and being guided can make all the difference in feeling safe.

Your facilitator is available for any and all questions you may have about safe, psychologically guided psychedelic psilocybin assisted experiences, and how this service can serve you.

“Psychedelic insights” are a higher consciousness…

Legal notice:
We do NOT sell or supply the natural legal truffle. They are graciously donated by the largest quality cultivator in the world, Fresh Mushrooms.

*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any way or form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care and as a natural food supplement. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure or have any mental health history such as suicidal thoughts, psychoses in your blood line, depression, anxiety, borderline personality or bi-polar.

Start your journey

Once your free introduction call has been booked, we will connect you with a dedicated and experienced facilitator. Your journey begins with discovering more about your interest in psychologically guided psychedelic psilocybin assisted experiences, what lead you to us, and to discuss what you hope to let go, experience or ‘achieve’. In other words, healing psychedelic insights.

Let us know how we can help you and what you hope to gain from this profound psychedelic assisted experience.

We advise you on our process, medical & mental health & well-being check, and the experience, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can tell us more about yourself and how we can be of service. An intake form is provided via email after booking the introduction call with your facilitator, and must be completed and sent to the facilitator up to 24 hours prior to the introduction call.

The private session process

Psychedelic Session day

During these pandemic times we visit your Freelodge or other (Airbnb) accommodation in Amsterdam. A male and female guide will meet you and go over all intentions and questions and information to prepare you and make you feel safe, supported and ready. The day starts at 11AM and can last up to 7 hours or a little longer. We’ll support you as long as it takes. 24/7 support available after the session.

Integration therapy

Personal integration objectives:

Counseling and coaching with our psychologists is included up to 3 sessions.

Read more on integration therapy or schedule a session here.

Everything revolves around you – your condition, mindset, expectations, and intentions.

Private session €795.-

Schedule a free introduction call. Talk to a facilitator and have all questions answered and our service explained..

End of life distress | Healing Veterans | Therapist experience | Leadership coaching

Included are 3 preparation calls with your facilitator guides. The full session day with 2 guides, male & female; They will stay as long as it takes and you feel safe. The fresh magic psilocybin truffles. Fresh fruit and juice. Personal 24/7 support by phone post session. Additional 3 integration therapy video call sessions in the weeks after the session.
Not included are the accommodation, travel and meals. That is up to you and your budget. We can however advise on where to stay in the preparation calls.
Additional integration therapy is available here.

Our team of facilitator guides

We choose to work with authentic and unique individuals who form our trans-disciplinary team of highly skilled, caring, and experienced facilitators. Psychedelic Insight facilitators come from varying scientific, psychological, psycho-therapeutic, and international and cultural backgrounds and, together, we form a stable, passionate, and warmhearted team, to provide each client with the best opportunity to benefit from the potential of psilocybin in a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

Psychedelic Insights is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.

“Our team mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development. Managing psychedelic assisted experiences with a science-based approach, we innovate personal transformation.”

Meet the team


What People Say

Thanks to you I have glimpsed something I didn’t know of before and which changes everything.
I’m clinging to the warmth and quiet joy of it and intend to continue the ‘work’ as I learn more about this extraordinary mystery.


I feel extremely happy for the opportunity to experience something so profound that it made me question the nature of reality and our place in it. I believe it’s human nature to be drawn to the unanswerable questions of our origins and the meaning behind it all. By no means do I have the all the answers, but I feel an incredible amount of relief to experience a just tiny piece of it. One of my favorite insights I came back with was the knowledge that the true nature of the universe is infinitely more beautiful than what we can perceive with our default neural filter. It’s almost like psilocybin polishes that “window of consciousness” as you put it, making things look clear. I like that you said consciousness is the universe experiencing itself.

We cater the entire psychedelic assisted experience to your needs, providing our best service and advice, to help you navigate your personal psychedelic insights.

Is a psychedelic experience for you?

Every one of us has a personal, different, and unique experience when it comes to psychedelics.

Openly and emotionally, you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, assumptions, and convictions. This leads to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s deeper motivations and emotions.

End of life distress | Veterans | Therapist experience | Leadership coaching

During a psychedelic assisted experience, you explore your own consciousness.

Possible experiences are: 

  • Accessing the unconscious
  • Memorizing meaningful life events
  • Emotional processing and release
  • Heightened creativity
  • Acceptance, deeper self-understanding & self-insight
  • Body-centered experiences & movement
  • Visionary insights
  • Synesthesia (visualizing music)
  • Euphoria, love and bliss
  • Mystical-religious states of consciousness
  • Facing truths about self and life
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Transcending belief systems & patterns 
  • Clarity on values, dreams & life purpose
  • Entering deep meditative states
  • Confrontation with self or hidden emotions 
  • Transform pain and negative patterns
  • Discovering unmet needs & uncovering unconscious patterns
  • Feeling safe in the face of fear
  • The gifts of standing in your power or vulnerability
  • The sacred state of surrender
  • Making peace with your grief and pain
  • Healing the split between mind, heart and spirit
  • Overcoming limiting thought patterns
  • Identifying your inner saboteur
  • Shift difficult patterns and hard-to-break habits
  • Dismantle the system of self-sabotage

*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any way or form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care and as a natural food supplement. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure or have any mental health history such as suicidal thoughts, psychoses in your blood line, depression, anxiety, borderline personality or bi-polar.

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