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In the psychedelic state you can question and analyse your (false) convictions, assumptions and (irrational or social or cultural) fears or inhibitions to get a new, clear and true perspective on who you really are and how you can feel about that. Everyone is worthy of (self) love, has a valuable message, a unique story and can be secure in feeling positive about themselves. 
Psychedelic insights are a way of resetting your beliefs in an internal dialogue that changes your perspective and how you feel about things.

psychedelic insights

Psychedelics take you on a “trip” into your subconsciousness. It can resource old memories, old motivations for doing, feeling or thinking a certain way. It can provide a new perspective and change your ideas, feelings or emotions about things. Critical thinking, perfectionism or OCD, anxieties, depressive thoughts, feelings of inadequacy or insecurity are all affected by clear new perspectives and inner dialogues about these, in the psychedelic state. Changing your mind and how you feel is done by changing your perspective. Your world is your perception of it. Change your mind with Psychedelic Insights.

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Our job is to make you have a positive profound experience. For more information or the process and any question you may have, please feel free to contact us at or via the form below.  Our trip guides are located throughout the Netherlands and can visit you at your location, (Airbnb) apartment or hotel or even go into nature. All trip guides are experienced with psilocybin and other psychedelics. The trip sitters or trip guides know how to navigate the space and help you feel understood, use the right vocabulary, help you feel safe and have an enjoyable and valuable and profound psychedelic experience. Some are psychologists or therapists and other more shamanic or scientific. Check out the list of the Psychedelic Insights’ trip guides.

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The psychological assessment & intake and the treatment plan plus the integration objectives are all customised to your intentions and personal situation. 


From start to finish, we cater for all your needs, the introduction, all questions, the assessment, the intake, the actual session, the post session integration talks lus the integration plan. Guides provide fruit, juices and music during the trip.

The price indication is about €300 – €500 for most private psilocybin sessions. Other psychedelic sessions or psilocybin group ceremonies have other costs structures. Please check your own specific intentions, the trip guides, your preferences and let us know how we can help. 

All our trip guides are very qualified and experienced and have undergone both being guided too and are experienced to help you navigate your psyche before, guide the experience during and after the psychedelic session. We adhere to the ethic of MAPS and specialise in creating the right set and setting for an optimal experience. 

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