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The psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences with legal fresh psilocybin truffles.

Private and group retreats available

In the psychedelic state you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, concepts, assumptions, and convictions. This can lead to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s triggers, deeper motivations and emotions to change long held beliefs about you, your trauma, relationships and the world around you. Even your place in the universe by experiencing cosmic love, ego-death and mystical experiences.


We love to share our process and experiences after having safely provided high dose psilocybin truffle experiences to almost 300 people from all over the world. Feel free to book a video call for an intro, no strings and happy to answer all your questions.

The Psychedelic Insights Service

We provide Private high dose sessions and also Psychedelic Retreats

In both cases we invite you to start of with the introduction call. We love to hear about your motivation and get to know you better. Also it’s important to learn if this is the right and safe path for you to take. We love to hear how we can help you and explain what we do, how we work and answer all your questions. We look forward to getting to know each other better and, more importantly, feel safe together throughout this psychedelic adventure!

During the next call (after the introduction), the intention setting call, you will be advised to start a personal psychedelic journal in which to write; From your thoughts, motivations, hopes and fears… The deeper you can go in the intention setting process, the deeper and more profound the psychedelic insights may be. You will refer to your notes during the 4 x integration calls that follow your guided psychedelic experience(s). These integration therapy sessions are important to help you to embed the psychedelic insights learned during your magic psilocybin truffle experience; Putting these into positive and practical new tools, tips and ways of thinking, feelings and life experiences.

Not a scientific basis but a personal view based on experiences

I received from truffles what I was asking for, beyond expectations. I’m still in awe when I think back at my trip.


Our team would love to introduce themselves, meet you, and explain our service to you (no strings at any time). We welcome you to schedule a call and see if there is a personal click and if it feels safe for you.

Psilocybin truffle veteran retreat summer 2021

Group retreats

Our retreats welcome you for general and specific groups. Women only or veterans or therapists, etc. Our psychedelic retreats are all inclusive and with accommodation on a farm located just outside a nature reserve in the Dutch countryside.
Or book an introduction call to have all your questions answered.

More about our different psychedelic retreats can be seen here.

Farm location for retreats

OMG, this changes absolutely everything…


Private sessions

Our private sessions are always guided by a male and female guide. This is for energetic and safety reasons. We provide groceries, bring magic truffles (donated by Fresh Mushrooms), curated trip music for during the sessions. Our price for a private session is €1,495 (excl. travel & accommodation) and includes:
• Introduction and Intention setting call
• Session day with 2 x trip guides
• 4 x integration therapy calls

On the day of your guided psychedelic experience, fresh magic psilocybin truffles (donated by Fresh Mushrooms BV) will be provided to you by our trip-guide team. Each trip-guide team comprises of two professional and experienced trip-guides (one female and one male), who will hold space for you during the entire day (approx. 7 hours) of your guided psychedelic experience, to fully support your process.

Your session includes guided meditation, and specially selected music to enhance your psychedelic experience. Your dedicated trip-guides will guide and assist you with surrendering to the experience, while you are in a safe and warm space, and usually with your eyes closed – and they will be there every step of the way to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Schedule an introduction call and have us introduce ourselves and answer your questions.

“This must be 10,000 times more effective as EMDR”

Trauma therapist Tamara
Psychedelic Insights

Our service

We provide the psychological guidance for a 1 day private psychedelic psilocybin session with (donated) fresh truffles. This process comprises of 6 video intro, preparation, intention and integration support calls. Also, everything for the session day.

2 professional trip-guides are there just for you for the entire experience and are not on the clock. Two guides are there for you to guide, hold space and keep you safe. The post session day support and integration therapy sessions can be schedules with one of your 2 your therapist-guides. Our trip-guide facilitators consist mostly of therapeutic and medical professionals and deeply empathetic entheogenic plant medicine practitioners. A guided high dose psychedelic journey costs €1495-.

Scheduling a call below is for free and with no strings attached. We are happy to answer all and any questions and explain our service to you. Let s just say hello!

Our Covid policy? Please let us know what you are comfortable with and we can discuss the options.

Schedule a free intro call here

Thanks to you I have glimpsed something I didn’t know of before and which changes everything.

I’m clinging to the warmth and quiet joy of it and intend to continue the ‘work’ as I learn more about this extraordinary mystery.


Our Mission:

“Our mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development through a well prepared safe set and private setting for psychedelic assisted experiences. We innovate personal transformation to accelerate the tipping-pont of human consciousness.”

Expand your consciousness and experience psychedelic insights…

We are a proud founding member of the Guild of Guides.

Guild of Guides The Netherlands

The Guild is a professional association for facilitators of legal psychedelic experiences (specifically with magic truffles) aimed at personal growth, within this country.

Our goal is for as many suitable people as possible to have access to safe and growth-oriented psychedelic experiences. We aim to connect peers, clients, experts and law-makers, in order guarantee and hopefully extend the safe availability of psychedelic experiences geared towards personal growth. We support and monitor the quality of our members’ services in various ways.

Psychedelic Insights BV took the North Star Ethics Pledge.
More: North Star Ethics Pledge

WOW- what happened today?! I still cant put it into words and comprehend what happened but I do know already that the experience was much much more than I expected and it felt so real and rewarding


I believe plant medicines are reaching out to us, transforming us to our true nature, to save ourselves and nature in return

Luc van Poelje, founder Psychedelic Insights

We choose to work with authentic and unique individuals who form our trans-disciplinary team. Psychedelic Insight facilitators come from varying scientific, psychological, psycho-therapeutic, and international and cultural backgrounds and, together, we form a stable, passionate, and warmhearted team, to provide each client with the best opportunity to benefit from the potential of psilocybin.

I ended in a conscious space of Oneness. Words can not describe what I saw and experienced.


Our mission

“Our mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development. Managing psychedelic assisted experiences with a science-based approach, we innovate personal transformation.”

Whether you have already experienced psychedelics, or are interested to have a psychedelic journey for the first time, your facilitator is available for any and all questions you may have about your safety and how this experience can serve you.

Stay safe

Psychedelic Insights is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.


*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any way or form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers fresh magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care and as a natural food supplement. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure or have any mental health history such as suicidal thoughts, psychoses in your blood line, borderline personality or bi-polar.
We do NOT sell or supply the natural legal truffle. They are graciously donated by the largest quality cultivator in the world, Fresh Mushrooms.
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