Psychedelic Sisterhood – women only €2495

The Psychedelic Sisterhood incorporates guided meditations, Tarot cards and intention-setting. You can leave your heels at the door and sink into the profound relaxation that comes from being understood for ourselves, exactly as we are. Preparing for the psychedelic experience is at the center of the week long experience. The sharings and integration are important and emotional healing modalities where trust, support, understanding and compassion take center stage.

Psychedelic introduction for therapists €2495

Embark on a journey to gain first-hand experience with psychedelic magic psilocybin truffles. The time has come. Join your peers and enjoy a custom retreat in nature. Join the tribe of healers in nature and work with sacred medicines to do the magic.

Volunteer Science Retreat €795

We have a special science retreat for researchers, psychologists, neurologists, researchers, therapists, medical professionals and everyone else to join this retreat with a lot of measurements, questionnaires and even a MRI scan. Everyone must fill out a medical and psychological screening and fill out questions weeks after the event.
We optimize the positive safe set and setting for psychedelic magic psilocybin truffle experiences. We work with professional trip-guides. We include integration therapy for optimal positive and enduring experiences. In the psychedelic state you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, concepts, assumptions, and convictions. This can lead to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s triggers, deeper motivations and emotions to change long held beliefs about you, your trauma, relationships and the world around you. Even your place in the universe by experiencing cosmic love, ego-death and mystical experiences.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims Are Reclaiming Ancient Psychedelic Practices, And That Could Help With Legalization

Some advocates are focusing on the spiritual side of psychedelics as a way to decriminalize through religious exemption By MADISON MARGOLIN & SHELBY HARTMANSource: This column is a collaboration with DoubleBlind, aContinue reading “Jews, Christians, and Muslims Are Reclaiming Ancient Psychedelic Practices, And That Could Help With Legalization”